Monday Club helps Southern California companies improve their business plan presentations and meet experts who can help them achieve their objectives.

Monday Club is a group of seven hundred High-Tech Executives and Business Professionals, in Southern California, who meet once a month to help start-up companies improve their business plans. Monday Club Members have extensive experience in working with high-tech firms.  They know what it takes to make a good presentation, and they know what investors are looking for. Some, but not all, of the members are investors.

The three Monday Club chapters are in:

– Santa Monica, CA
– South Bay (Torrance), CA
– Orange County, CA

Each chapter holds a monthly meeting at which two high-tech start-up companies make 35-minute business plan presentations.The Monday Club members:

– Evaluate the presentations and give feedback.

– Suggest alternate business strategies, if appropriate.

– Network with the presenting companies and help them meet people who can help the companies meet their objectives.

Periodic status reports by past presenters show that Monday Club has been extremely effective in helping companies to improve their business strategies, find people who can help in different ways, and raise capital. Some presenting companies have “graduated” to Tech Coast Angels or other investment groups to receive financing.