What is Monday Club?

Monday Club is a group of over 500 High Tech Executives and Business Professionals in Southern California who meet once a month to help start-up companies raise their first investment capital. Members have extensive experience in working with high tech companies.  They know what it takes to make a good presentation, and they know what investors are looking for.

What to expect:

  • Get professional feedback on your business plan presentation.

  • Network with high-tech “company – builders”.

  • Meet an adviser or director for your start-up company.

  • Network with high-tech professionals, lawyers, CEOs, angel investors, entrepreneurs.

  • Get experienced advice on your most challenging strategic issue.

  • Receive written reviews of your PowerPoint presentation.

Monday Club is a group that provides free mentoring and networking resources to start-up companies looking for their first capital.

Who can attend:

  • word of mouth and referral

  • company builder

  • CEO/Director

  • Technology Builder/ TechBackground/ Tech Company Builder (Know how to put a company together related to technology sector)

  • Angels

  • Venture Capital

  • Private Investor (under regulation 506B, only accredited investors)

  • Entrepreneur invited by Dr. Fred Haney or Barbra Ongwico

What We Do:

1. Evaluate and give feedback on Business Plan Presentations
2. Suggest Business strategies
3. Network and make introductions to people who may be helpful in the presenting Entrepreneur’s Business