Anywon enables professionals, coaches, trainers, industry experts, and celebrities to grow their businesses online with paid video appointments and their own paid video studio, with integrated marketing.


CHIP’d is developing a patent pending technology to be embedded in sporting balls and equipment, beginning with golf balls, for real-time GPS tracking, 3D flight path and augmented reality, game analysis, and gamification. The Orange County-based company has assembled a team of the golf industry and wireless technology experts with experience in electrical engineering and…

EV Safe Charge

EV Safe Charge installs, maintains, and enables EV chargers and software for electric vehicle charging for homes, apartments, offices and commercial locations nationwide. We provide software solutions that allow the owner to determine the charging fee to the charging vehicle. We make it easy to go green by providing a turnkey solution and concierge-style white…


Sustura, Inc. provides information to people of the quality and safety of their water. We do this through small scale internet of things enabled devices that measure the concentration of metals – lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, in the water in real time. These devices fit in the hand and onto customer taps, connect to our…


Lumenus is bringing safety into the 21st century, by revolutionizing personal protective equipment. Connecting smart-hardware with the internet of things, Lumenus bridges the gap between hardware and software for a smart wearable solution. As a Hardware as a Service company Lumenus sells hardware and licenses software to both consumer and workplace safety providers: saving lives…


CarLabs is a start-up that has created disruptive, cognitive conversational AI technology for automating and enhancing sales teams in the Automotive vertical. Their first product promises a significant boost in conversion for advertisers via rich AI conversations in FB messenger, with Snap, Twitter, Web, SMS and others to follow. CarLabs has already secured a paid…


Knoxlabs is a full-service virtual reality technology company that specializes in the creation of virtual reality content for brands through apps, videos, and marketing campaigns, manufactures a variety of VR headsets, and serves as a certified manufacturer of Google Cardboard VR headsets. Learn more below and at

Syntilla Medical

Syntilla Medical, LLC: a medical device company located near Los Angeles, California and is developing a breakthrough treatment for migraines and other types of cranio-facial pain. The initial product is a cost effective, rechargeable, minimally invasive, implantable neurostimulator system designed specifically for the treatment of head and facial pain syndromes. Learn more at


  Unified helps businesses monetize their Free Guest Wi-Fi offerings. By inserting a 30 second video advertisement into the login process, Unified is able to create a new revenue stream where one did not exist before. The revenue generated from the video ads is shared in part with the network host, which thereby creates an…


Networking is exhausting and often times not very fruitful.  But what if you had someone to introduce you to all the people you needed to meet the moment you walked in the room?  Well, now you do, with Renge.  Renge is a real-time professional networking discovery app.  Jade Brandais Founder & CEO will present.