Anywon enables professionals, coaches, trainers, industry experts, and celebrities to grow their businesses online with paid video appointments and their own paid video studio, with integrated marketing.


Knoxlabs is a full-service virtual reality technology company that specializes in the creation of virtual reality content for brands through apps, videos, and marketing campaigns, manufactures a variety of VR headsets, and serves as a certified manufacturer of Google Cardboard VR headsets. Learn more below and at


  Unified helps businesses monetize their Free Guest Wi-Fi offerings. By inserting a 30 second video advertisement into the login process, Unified is able to create a new revenue stream where one did not exist before. The revenue generated from the video ads is shared in part with the network host, which thereby creates an…


MediaRebel is the first available analytical video deposition platform used to psychologically profile witnesses for legal proceedings. It provides insight as to how a jury would perceive a witnesses’ testimony based on emotional reactions and behaviors to questions and answers. In turn, lawyers gain an advantage by incorporating and memorializing these observations into winning case…