ECOM Medical (EMI)

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ECOM Medical (EMI) develops easy-to-use devices that reduce healthcare costs by decreasing patient complications and shortening recovery times related to major surgery.  25-30% of patient undergoing major surgery have at least one post-surgical complication  Each complication costs the hospital $17,000 resulting in $42.5B costs to the hospital system.  ECOM can reduce these complications by an average of 50%.  With its first product, which is 510k cleared and out in the market, ECOM utilizes an endotracheal tube to monitor core cardiac output readings to make sure the patient is getting proper fluids during surgery.  Properly monitoring these readings dramatically decreases complications, mortality, recovery time and costs.  The company already has a customer base and plans on really penetrating the market by doing the following in the next phase. Learn more at

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