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ePAVE pavement preservation system involves novel, engineered cementitious product that adheres to asphalt/slurry surfaces as well as concrete pavement, making ePAVE the only cementitious product in the market that bonds to asphalt, concrete, and metal surfaces. ePAVE seals the surface of paved asphalt pavement, preventing outgassing of chemicals. ePAVE is considered a “cool pavement” and has high solar reflectivity properties, therefore, reducing the surface temperature of a surface by 10 to 30 degrees F, below what is experienced with asphalt/slurry surfaces. By reducing the surface temperature and reflecting rather than absorbing more sun light through the use of polymers the pavement preservation product provides a cooler surface which is less likely to crack.  In addition, this innovation brings the following benefits within the state highway network: Energy savings and emission reductions, Improved comfort, and health Increased driver safety, Improved air quality, Reduced street lighting cost, Reduced power plant emissions, Improved water quality and Slowed climate change.  In short, ePAVE is a cooler, cleaner and more cost-effective pavement preservation material that reduces repair intervals and increases longevity.

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