Our Care Hub

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With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and MACRA, all health care reimbursements are now tied to developing innovative models that focus on patient satisfaction coupled with improved outcomes.  In fact, 2% of the entire Medicare budget is being set aside to reward providers who show improvement in patient satisfaction scores.    The NIH, looking for tools to help clinicians improve patient outcomes, performed a review of available software systems and capabilities to determine what tools were available to facilitate caregiver support for patients.   In their report published in August of this year, they state “Today, no tool exists that allows cross communication with people who are directly involved in patient care.”  It is this problem that Our Care Hub solves.  Our Care Hub is a communication facilitation tool that allows cross communicating between and among medical service providers, caregivers, family members and friends.  It is a total management tool to facilitate and coordinate all aspects of patient care.   Currently we have established relationships with several medical providers who are interested in launching the product at their facility.  We are looking for advisors who will be interested in assisting us in moving this business forward.  Founder and Monday Club Member Minda Wilson will present.

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