ChristmasOCAppreciation for Monday Club

For many years Monday Club has been a venue for investors and businesses to have access to one another, and to communicate.

“Orange County, with its strong and vibrant business community  and notable large employers, needs new and innovative companies.  For would-be companies to thrive, they need to have access to a supportive investor community.  An investor community has successfully developed in and through the Monday Club.  The Monday Club community, with its collective knowledge, helps, in my opinion, to empower founders to make better-informed investing decisions and provides access to investment opportunities.  While these results are good in and of themselves, those decisions do not occur in a vacuum.  Early-stage companies also gain from exposure to the Monday Club community, which is a dependable source for information, ideas, opinions and insights, to all companies that choose to participate.”

Nick Yocca
Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth

“Since 1984, Monday Club has offered a unique opportunity for inventors and entrepreneurs to meet each month with investors, lawyers and other professional advisers of start-up ventures. Dr. Fred Haney founded the Monday Club and presides over the meetings.  The positive advice freely offered to the presenting inventors and entrepreneurs has enabled many start-ups to avoid mistakes and succeed. Dr. Haney has played a key role in advancing the establishment and success of high tech companies in Southern California.”

Louis Knobbe, Partner (ret.)
Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLC

“Fred Haney’s Monday Club is a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to present their early stage businesses and receive valuable feed-back from potential investors, business advisors and others with experience and expertise in the start-up business area.”

Art Rose, Partner
Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLC

“I have been an active member of Monday Club since 2005. I retired in 2003 and became acquainted with Fred through a mutual third party and began attending his sessions monthly.  I soon discovered we were mutual alumni with two great companies — Xerox and TRW —  had PhD’s, and lived in close proximity to one another for many years.  We share  the passion for growing entrepreneurial companies.  I have, through Fred and others, invested in many and seen some 700-800 in 15 years.  I currently coach CEO’s (8 currently on their success models) having run 6 companies in the last 40 years or so…  Fred is an extraordinary professional with great insight, an influencer to many of these companies on strategy, markets, pricing, valuation, competition, and a strong dose of reality.  With a gentle but firm hand.   We have 35 or so attendees each month and it continues to be a great forum for new, up and coming, high potential opportunities and ventures.   Fred is tireless and generous in his pursuit of quality suggestions to startup companies. He has cultivated quite a professional following and connection Rolodex in the process, which is always helpful.”

Don Lavoie, Ph.D, President & CEO

“Monday Club members Don Kasle, Kari Barnes (Intellectual Property), and Fred Haney have been very helpful in improving our business plan and strategy. Fred has joined our board of directors. Parcel Pending closed a $1.5 Million financing, which included rollover of convertible notes and funding from Tech Coast Angels. We have a live installation, and we are developing a significant order book.”

Lori A. Torres, President
Parcel Pending

“Thanks again….I so much appreciate and admire the work you do thru the Monday Club to give back to the community.

Ron Miller, CEO
StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc.

“The Monday Club meetings were really helpful to Synova. Unbeknownst to us, one of the lab directors from one of the labs we had been in talks with was present and we were able to tell Synova’s story with very positive results. Monday Club also helped us to establish relationships with some very experienced and knowledgeable folks. We’ve had some talks with a few of them about board positions, strategic partnerships and investment. Nothing finalized yet, but hopefully in the very near future. Thanks!”

John Chi, President
Synova Life Sciences

“Our thanks to the Monday Club members, and format, since without you, we would not have our Board, or our advisors.”

Sam Qubain
CEO, Qualified Technologies Corp.

“We expect to get funding very soon. Monday Club was the first place I presented. It got my feet wet in the process of raising capital. I’ll always be grateful for your help. Cordially,”

Ken R. Unger, President/Founder
Grace Entertainment Media

“We appreciated the opportunity to present at Monday Club and indeed benefited greatly as Webb Castor, PhD, joined our Board and has been a major contributor to the rapid growth in Team(You)! Best regards,”

Cynthia, CEO
Team You