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Orange County-based ThermaQuatic ®, Inc. has developed Cool-n-Heat®, a medical device for non-pharmacological pain management and personal comfort associated with chronic illness, injury, and disability.  Cool-n-Heat fills a market gap with its ability to sell into medical institutions (B2B) and the self-care marketplace (B2C).  Differentiation is unparalleled with superior price, portability, thermoelectric technology, medical grade power supply, and non-porous, anti-microbial mattress overlay. Cool-n-Heat offers body temperature regulation and is compatible with extremity pad accessories.  Cool-n-Heat complies with established medical reimbursement codes.  Suggested US market opportunities include 1) More than 51MM surgeries performed annually, 2) The therapeutic bed market valued at $2.6 billion USD and 3) 41MM seniors 65-plus prone to chronic conditions.  Each category represents documented growth potential. ThermaQuatic has a working prototype and capabilities to scale production and move swiftly to sales and marketing.  ThermaQuatic seeks $350,000 to support tooling, testing, and production of 200 units.

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